Tri Delta

Phi Eta at Texas Tech University

Symbols and Colors


Tri Delta’s Greek letters signify special meanings to all Tri Delta members who are bound together by bonds of sisterhood. 


The patron Greek divinity of Tri Delta is Poseidon, god of the sea and one of the three rulers of the universe. 


The jewel of Tri Delta is pearl. Because it is the only jewel that grows, developing from a tiny grain of sand into a thing of great value and beauty, it is a symbol of Tri Delta's new members. 


The tree of Tri Delta is the pine tree. The pine is also a symbol of Tri Delta's collegiate members because it represents growth and lofty aspirations. 


The pansy is Tri Delta's flower. It is also a symbol of alumnae membership and the third step in the lifetime development of Tri Delta's members. 


Recognized as a good omen by the ancient Greeks, the dolphin is a symbol of clear skies and smooth sailing. It symbolizes rebirth, friendship and leadership. In Tri Delta, the dolphin has a particular significance for Fraternity leaders. 


The coat of arms consists of a shield quartered. The first and fourth quarters are in blue with a silver trident, and the second and third quarters are in gold with a green pine tree. Above the shield is the crest, which consists of a torse with six folds alternating gold and blue, topped with white, gold and a blue pansy. Below the shield is a scroll with the Greek translation of the open motto, "Let us steadfastly love one another." 


The colors are silver, gold and cerulean blue. Green is also a significant color since it represents the union of three colors. 

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