Letter from the Chapter

Hello! My name is Moe Patterson and I am honored to serve as the Vice President of Membership Experience. This position gives me the opportunity to ensure that all incoming, new, and initiated members have the best and most fulfilling experience during their time at Tri Delta and Texas Tech. Alongside me are Holly Thornton, the Director of Recruitment Events, and Shelby McDonald, the Director of Member Selection. Together we make up a team of women that strive to ensure that all incoming Texas Tech women interested in joining the Panhellenic community are met with open arms at Tri Delta. We are beyond excited that you have chosen Texas Tech, which we consider to be the best college. Choosing to be a member of Tri Delta has shaped our college experiences greatly and given us more than we could have asked for. Through Tri Delta, we have made meaningful friendships, found support in all areas of college life, and overcame many obstacles that come with entering womanhood. Without the body of strong women that we have encountered over the years we would not be able to describe our amazing experience as such. We are so thankful to be a part of a community of women that makes us better every day and we look forward to sharing this with you!


Last August and January we welcomed incredible new member classes and we can’t wait to do so this coming August. Our sisterhood walks hand in hand into the new year with plans, ideas, and dreams for the future of Phi Eta. Together, we will continue to overcome the obstacles that the new year will throw only to come out even stronger than we were before. Together, we look forward to the day we finally get to welcome you into this beautiful sisterhood—a sisterhood full of strong women just like you. Keep your head up, we are here at your new beginning to help you discover the amazing journey ahead, hand in hand. We are beyond excited to meet you and thank you so much for being our light.


Please take the time to look through our website and other social media platforms to get a glimpse of why Tri Delta is so special to us and so many others. Feel free to reach out to each of us with any questions you may have regarding Fall Recruitment, Tri Delta, or Greek Life in general. 


This year we will be asking for all Recruitment related information to be sent electronically to recruitment.phieta@gmail.com Please send the following:

- 1 Letter of recommendation

- 1 Letter of Support

- 2 Pictures (1 full length, 1 headshot)

- SAT/ACT score(s) IF applicable

- Transcript 

- Social Resume 


See you in August! 

Delta Love and Ours, 

Moe Patterson

VP Membership Experience


Holly Thornton

Director of Recruitment Events 


Shelby McDonald

Director of Member Selection